IMG_1769I have decided to continue on with this blog for Kathryn. Although the blog name has a singular reference the “ME” for Kathryn in all honesty the human reference “ME” is really “US”. Most that knew us would attest to the fact that although we are two beings we operated as one in the true meaning of team or couple or whatever adjective you care to use. I chose today to write my first post because July, 8 2019 would have been our 19th wedding anniversary.

Our story needs to continue on, my story of our life together and what life is now like being a widower. Since Kathryn left us all just about 8 months ago I embarked on a new unplanned journey in my life. To be quite frank Life Sucks alone. The wonderful group of friends we had before Kathryn left seems to have disappeared. So to keep in touch with those of you that may think “gee I wonder how Joe is making out”. I will put it all out there the same way Kathryn did. After all she had so many people following this blog that I already have a captive audience.

This will be a short post since it’s my first. There is much to be written about so be prepared and please don’t be offended by some of the things I will say.

Coming soon my next post. See you soon.