Clinic Day and Awareness


Respiratory Testing

Tuesday was clinic day.  ALS clinic days are always Tuesdays.  It was probably the quickest visit I have had so far–just under 4.25 hours.  I planned on writing about all what goes on during clinic but changed my mind.  Too boring for me after a year of visits.  Instead, I’ll simply post a photo from my time with the respiratory therapist which is always lots of fun.  Now on to advocacy matters.  Advocacy is always exciting when you can make change happen.

I find it ironic that of the three advocacy emails I have written, one to local government and two to corporate entities, only the corporate entities have responded.  Governments must not be as concerned with their constituents as businesses are with their customers.  In fairness to the businesses involved, I will not be posting their names. They responded ASAP and promised to take action. The first involved a dumpster parked in a handicap-only spot.  Management had it moved.  The second was a companion restroom being used for storage.  That is a work in progress and I will be following up on it.

The excitement of actually getting things done makes me consider searching out a local official who wants to work with me on disability awareness.  Having you, my audience, assist me in raising awareness of disability needs is useful.  It seems that disability awareness needs more awareness.  As many caregivers, including one smart older sister, have told me, you never notice these things until they affect you personally.  So please speak up and speak out when you see something wrong.  It’s not embarrassing to make your voice heard, it’s considerate.  Your disabled friends appreciate your help.


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