A Testimonial to Kindness

I recently received gifts from Team Gleason.  This is a testimonial to how real charity works.  #NoWhiteFlags

Can you fall in love with someone you’ve never met?  How about a foundation?  I am completely head over heels in love with the generosity and support for people living with ALS (PALS) shown by Team Gleason.  Before ordering my assistive speech device (Tobii), I wrote to tech support at TeamGleason.org.  I received an out of office message.  Being impatient, I was a little disappointed.  Yet, the day after returning to the office I received a response from tech support with an exhaustive list of recommendations.  I ordered my device which unfortunately did not come with a floor stand so I was not able use it at night if I needed to alert my husband.

I posted in an ALS Caregiver Group on Facebook looking for a used floor stand to purchase. Surprise!  Team Gleason came to the rescue.  I was offered a freefloor stand with no strings attached.  It arrived four days later.  The stand was brand new.  I can now use my Tobii in bed, in my lift chair, or wherever I want.  It is on wheels and gives me the ability to communicate, read and respond to emails, surf the internet, etc.  It allows me to learn more about operating Tobii lying in bed at night while my husband and caregiver gets a much-needed break.

My husband was so impressed with Team Gleason and their knowledge and willingness to help PALS that he sought advice on a replacement shower chair.  Since I could no longer stand, it was very difficult for my aides to get me from Hoyer to shower chair.  It typically took several attempts and we had recently resorted to tilting the chair backwards; not a good idea.  I was usually unable to be seated comfortably and wanted to rush through showers because my legs and feet would go numb sitting in the chair.

Team Gleason offered a solution.  We were flabbergasted when the solution was the offer of the exact custom-built shower chair Steve Gleason uses.  I waited four weeks for it to be built and it was soworth it.  The chair is padded and extremely comfortable.  It can tilt forward and back and has comfortable arm troughs. Best of all, no more numb legs or feet.



Thank goodness for kindness. Thank you Steve Gleason and Team Gleason.  Your generosity has made my life with ALS a little less frustrating.  Living with a disease where everything is taken away, your donations give back comfort and pleasure.



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